Petition in QLD parliament against water fluoridation – Please sign it and pass it on http://www.parliament.qld.gov.au/view/EPetitions_QLD/CurrentEPetitions.aspx?lIndex=1 Scott Andrew www.hydrocentre.com.au www.expressmailorders.com.au


Hi. Could you please tell me the ideal water temp in reservoir for growing tomatoes. I have it on 24 deg is that ok or a little high Hi there Best temp is above 18 degrees and below 25. I usually look for 20-24 degrees over a 24 hour period. So if its 2


chillies, new leaves & flowers,curling and dry 09 Jun 2007 Scott hi, having a bit of a problem with my chillies, they grew very well last year with great yields, but this year the new leaves are curling and appear dry, the flower buds also dry and fall of


Dear Scott, I am starting out in growing orchards, and some small vegetable plants like lettuce, tomatoes,beens. I have approx 6.5m2 to work with inside my shed 2.5m X 2.5 roughly can you tell me what the difference is between the following 600w pressure


Hi, I checked a lot of questions and didn’t find an answer. I was wondering why would you use perlite when it contains asbestos and can be harmful if inhaled. Why not use sand or something else natural like sea sponge bits. Also is it possible to make you


Hello, Welcome to www.hydrocentre.com.au ‘s web log. Hope it is useful to you.


Hi Scott I have bought quite a few bits and pieces from you, and was wondering if you could answer a couple of questions for me. I have been growing for about 12 months with some success, but have been continually researching to improve yield. I was wonde


Hi Scott Have been experimenting with the equipment that I got from you awhile back and have only one real problem so far – I cant get the heat down to 28c. I have two 150mm fans – one in and one out. I am placing the temp gauge near the tops of the plant


Hey Scott, I have heard about some new fluros called envirolights which are some type of HID fluro. do you know anything about these? do you sell them? Cheers SM Yes. we sell the 130Watt self ballasted lamps. They use a 40mm screw fitting the same as a HI


Hi Scott What do you recommend as the best lighting hours in the growth vegetative stage? I’ve been told that with an electronic timer you can run 18 hours on and 12 off but is this optimal or 18/6 optimal? I’m a little confused because I’ve been told


I have an area of approx 3 X 4 X 3 meters and have installed a 150mm exhaust fan with a carbon filter on one side of the room close to the ceiling, I also have an inlet fan on the opposite wall. The problem is the room smells, the 150mm fan is stronger th


what would be better for stopping heat 4 x 600 HPS 2 x 1000 HPS only have 4 pots hydro in a shed 1.2 x 3 x 1.8 An area 1.2 x 3m would suit 2 x 600Watt lights. If you wanted to put 3 600’s in there do it when the temperatures are under…


Dear Sir, I am in grade 8 and I have always been interested in growing of vegetables etc. I am doing a energy saving experiment at school and I have selected hydroponics. I need to build a simple experiment that shows the energy saved. Can you suggest a b


Hi Scott, Have just discovered your great site, and am beginning to investigate hydroponics – always thought it was a huge amount of effort, etc, but it seems maybe not. I’ve been an organic gardener for years – am really interested in finding out more ab


hi i was wondering if it is possible to exhaust the air out of the room and into the basement .and than take air into the room from the basement as well ,or do i have to intake the air from out side ,and if i do have to take air from outside what do…


We live in Darwin where it is hot and humid for 4 months of the year. Can we still grow vegetables in this climate. Do you know of any web sites that specifically discuss hydroponics in the tropics? I appreciate your assistance. Jill I know what you mean.


I believe it has been going for a while. My Parents lived there around 14 years ago and we saw hydroponics there then. Practical Hydroponics did a story on Singapore I believe. Try www.hydroponics.com.au If you need a date you could contact the relevant d


This is a link to some of the research written on Mannose. http://www.glycoscience.com/glycoscience/summary_display.wm?SECTION=MAIN&CRITERIA=mannose Hope it helps


is hydro or aero better? why is it better? i m from singapore here…i really need it for a project asap…plz Hydroponics is the group of techniques for growing plants without soil – Aeroponics is one of those. As for if its the best, it depends. Good points


Does growing plants hydroponically save water? Is it more efficient, cost effective and water smart during droughts? Against typical field agriculture and horticultural techniques yes. One test they did grow a field of plants, and also a hydroponic system