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Pot Sox

This is a must-have for hydroponic growers who use pots. As the name suggests, Pot Sox are like an inner sock that you put in your pots prior to using your pots.

It's a top invention because Pot Sox allows for a quick and easy disposal of old plant matter and media after you've finished growing. This is perfect for time-poor growers! As there's no need to clean or re-wash your pot. Simply re-line your pot with a new Pot Sox!

Try some to see how easy they are :)

Available in 

  • 20L - 3 Sox in a pack
  • 30L - 3 Sox in a pack
  • 50L - 3 Sox in a pack
  • 95L - single pack
  • Crate - suits kitab and nefarious 60x40cm crates - Single pack
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