Returns Policy

Lets make this really simple... Fair returns will be No Drama. 

WHAT can be returned?

Warranties should be returned as soon as possible for a replacement.
Returning goods in same packaging and in same salable condition as it was bought can be returned. Contact us immediately if you wish to do so.

WHEN do items need to be returned by?
ASAP or less than 30 days. Contact us if this is a problem - we can work around problems.

WHERE do items need to be returned to?
In store purchase - call us or bring it in.
Online and phone orders - Contact us by phone on 07 5527 4155 or email using the contact page. We will give you authority to send it back to the most appropriate outlet. Usually Our Nerang store.

HOW do customers return items?
Please ask for authority to return first. (e.g. a certain timer can be fixed with a press of a button)
We would love you to put a note in about what has happened so we are not too confused when receiving parcels.

SHIPPING for returns?
Original shipping rates are not refundable if you have changed your mind.
Genuine Warrenties we will provide a credit for the shipping - we will use Australia post rates or Temando courier quotes to work out the cheapest method - so perhaps you could use Temando to get the cheapest rate.

CREDIT for returns?
In store purchases - we can provide cash or card refunds.
Phone orders and online - Money can be returned to Paypal or direct deposit

Packing materials?
For warranties - original packaging would be great.
For returns - we have to sell them - no packaging no return - its just too hard to sell.

Legal disclaimer
All relevant laws will apply if any of the above is in error.
e.g. If an item has been mislabeled, or described incorrectly - we are sorry. We wouldn't seek to mislead you - perhaps we make mistakes. Legally - for any items that a retailer has misrepresented - we need to refund you by law or exchange for the correct items - packaging would be great but we will understand.