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Rockwool Cartons

Stock up on the essentials with our range of Rockwool cartons

As one of the most popular substrates for hydroponic production, Rockwool provides the ideal balance of water and oxygen to crops of all sizes. Used for fruit, vegetables, herbs, and more, our Rockwool cartons are available in bulk quantities, making them a great solution for large-scale growers. 

At Hydrocentre Hydroponics, we’re Australia’s choice for all your hydroponics essentials. Our passion is bringing quality hydroponics solutions to help growers increase their yields and cultivate healthier crops. From growing media substrates to nutrients, lighting equipment, and more, we’ve got everything you need to propagate your crops and keep them thriving. 

Shop Rockwool cartons online or visit us in-store to bring your dream hydroponics setup to life. 

All about our Rockwool cartons

Rockwool is made from molten basaltic rock and chalk, which are spun into fine fibres and formed into cubes. This creates a lightweight, porous material ideal for plant growth.

Rockwool has a unique structure that provides excellent water retention while still supplying sufficient air space, ensuring the right balance of moisture and oxygen for healthy root development. Rockwool also doesn't alter pH or nutrient levels, making it a stable medium for plant growth.

One of the key advantages of Rockwool is its adaptability to various mediums, including drip systems and deep water culture. However, it’s important to manage its pH and moisture levels carefully. Pre-soaking to adjust pH and regular monitoring are recommended for optimal plant health. Rockwool can also be reused but must be sterilised between uses to prevent disease transmission.

Our Rockwool cartons are available in large quantities, making them ideal for large-scale productions. Not sure if Rockwool is right for your crops? Get in touch with our friendly team online or visit us in-store. Our hydroponics experts will help you achieve healthier roots and higher yields. 

FAQs about our Rockwool cartons

Do you need Rockwool for hydroponics?

No, rockwool is not a necessity for hydroponics, but it is a popular choice. The choice of substrate often depends on the specific requirements of the plants being grown and the type of hydroponic system used.

What is the disadvantage of Rockwool in hydroponics?

Rockwool is not biodegradable, which raises concerns regarding waste disposal — however, it can be reused if it is sterilised between uses. Dry Rockwool fibres can be harmful if inhaled, so it’s important to wear basic protective gear (such as a mask and gloves) when handling. Rockwool also tends to have a naturally high pH, so it’s important to pre-treat your cubes before use.

What can I use instead of Rockwool?

We offer a range of alternative substrates including perlite, vermiculite, expanded clay pellets, and peat. These substrates offer various benefits such as biodegradability, airiness, and moisture retention, depending on the needs of your hydroponic system and plants. 

If you’re unsure which substrate is right for your system, contact our team or visit us in-store. 

Should I use a substrate in my hydroponic system?

Substrates can support and aid in moisture and nutrient retention for the plants. Whether or not you need a substrate in your hydroponic system depends on the type of system and the plants you are growing. 

Some hydroponic systems do not require a substrate. However, Aeroponics and Deep Water Culture perform poorly in warm environments, so we suggest using substrates as they are more reliable in the Australian climate.

The decision should be based on the specific requirements of your hydroponic setup and the plants you intend to grow.


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