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Gravity Fed Hydroponics

We stock a large range of gravity fed hydroponic systems which can be used to help feed your plants.

  • Control unit uses a float valve to control nutrients in system
  • 15L tank included - expand to any size tank
  • No Electricity Required! Veggies, herbs, fruit trees...
  • Up to 4 plants per cell
  • add up to 40 cells (on same level as control unit)
  • fill your tank with Grow Research Nutrients - small pack included
  • Smart Valve feeds plants—Then waits for plant to use the nutrients before filling again. Fill and Forget System
  • Square cells can be placed close together or far apart.

To buy select 2 CELL STARTER KIT and add extra growing cells

  • Brain includes 15L Tank + two stage gravity valve
  • Cell include 15L Pot with Perlite growing media, grommet, fitting, hose and Connector


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