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Supersoil is a rich organic soil mix that is very popular among growers that are hell-bent on Organics and want great yields.

Supersoil has the advantage of being organic, and the same issues as soil* 

There are 3 ways to make super soil

  1. find one of many recipes and then find all the ingredients and mix it all up - This can be fun if you have the time and patience.
  2. Buy a ready mix supersoil that you mix to a quality potting mix -We are still looking for one that is what it is as good as it is supposed to be - and a reasonable price... We have tested some with not enough success.
  3. Use Coconut coir and mix in BIOGROW, BIOBLOOM and BIO ENHANCER - which will ensure all the ingredients you need are there (and certified organic!)

We currently don't have option 2.

Option 3 you mix Biogrow into the coco at the beginning. When flowering begins, mix into the top of the coco growing media and water in. Use Bio Enhancer to keep the Bioorganisms lively and active.


*is everything in the soil, when is it becoming depleted, what should I add, when, how much, is there a deficiency, is there a disease, what is pH and how do I test and adjust it organically, are there pests in the soil, if I do everything right  why do my result vary... that sort of problem - see also Grow research for a natural hydroponic nutrient

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