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Performance Fruit

Grow research is a high performance nutrient, using a brewing technology to adapt organics and minerals for optimal use within a root system and within the plant.

They are used as a stage 1,2 and 3. The 2nd stage being optional. Grow research are going through a transition of labelling

  Old name New name Used when?
Stage 1 Performance Grow Performance Grow Used for plants when leafy and vegetative.
Stage 2 Performance Flower Performance PreFlower Used during 1st and 2nd week of flowering to bring on more flowers earlier and more numerous flowering sites 
- This stage is optional - some growers will have plants in various stages on flowering in the same system, and so this stage can be left out and go straight to stage 3 if desired or needed.
Stage 3 Performance Fruit Performance Flowering Used after pre-flower or instead of preflower if not using this stage. Optimised for all stages of flowering. 
COCO Performance Coco   Used instead of the 3 stages if using Coco to make the system simple


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