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Air pruning

Why Use Air Pruning pots? Well air pruning pots have many advantages

  • Excellent drainage - more difficult to overwater
  • Larger root mass - while roots grow arond and around in a plastic or ceramic pot, the air at the edge of the fabric causes a root tip to dry out, and die off. Just like pruning the top of the plants, the roots will branch into many smaller roots because of "air-pruning". The mass is larger and made of more smaller more effective roots.
  • Higher oxygenation to the roots
  • Easy to store when not in use
  • encourages aerobic bacteria/microbes
  • Evaporation may reduce root zone temperatures (its a plus/negative sort of thing as the pot will dry out more)

Its definitely worth running a side by side comparison. The only negative is

  • the same amount of media in a standard plastic pot will usually hold more water. So having the next pot size up and more media by increasing the size of the pot may be best for air-pruning and fabric pot growers who can't water a lot.

Available in 

  • 21 Ltr
  • 28 Ltr
  • 50 Ltr 
  • 113 Ltr
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