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Mills Nutrients

Mills Nutrients
Mills Nutrients are the latest addition to our selection of nutrients and additives. It is a simplified range with a 2 part Base nutrient and 4 additives. Made in Holland, you can be sure to achieve a simple yet great result when using Mills product line as it has a reduced amount of products and very few additives so is simplified for beginners and masters alike. Because of the smaller product range, you can save money as there are far less bottles. Rated number 1 in the UK and rapidly gaining traction in the US, Mills pays the bills! It was originally designed to be used with coco media but will work in recirculating systems, hand watered and soils. The minerals used are highly dissolve-able and will not build up in the media like other nutrients tend towards. It has been formulated so you will see very little deficiencies even in the harshest growing situations so should not require Cal-Mag additives like some other nutrients need.
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