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Bio Diesel Nutrients

Shop the complete range of Bio Diesel Nutrients online at Hydrocentre Hydroponics!

Here at Hydrocentre Hydroponics, our mission is to provide growers with the tools they need to cultivate healthier crops, reduce their environmental impact, and increase yields, all while aiming for ecological balance. With this in mind, we offer the complete collection of Bio Diesel Nutrients, an Australian-made, plant-based nutrient system that can be used in living soils and inert hydroponics.

Encourage massive growth increases using all-natural, biological processes. Shop Bio Diesel Nutrients online or in-store at Hydrocentre Hydroponics!

What are Bio Diesel Nutrients?

Bio Diesel Nutrients are powered by organic plant extracts, bio-stimulants, Yucca, Aloe Vera, fossilised rocks, rare earth, ocean minerals and organisms like kelp and algae, all combined to harmonise with natural plant processes.

The goal is to create a thriving microbiome with abundant beneficial microbes, enhancing nutrient absorption, plant vitality, and quality.

Bio Diesel Nutrients can be utilised in indoor grow tents and outdoor growing environments — their organic additives are indispensable for fast growth and efficient nutrient exchange in living soils, ideal for fast-flowering annual crops. Meanwhile, Bio Diesel has developed a full-spectrum base, nutrient-infused with biostimulants to complement their organic additive line.

The combination delivers remarkable results, all while maintaining an eco-conscious stance. Bio Diesel Nutrients recognises the hazards of chemical runoff from conventional salt-based agricultural practices, which is why their products align seamlessly with nature’s processes and plant biology.

FAQs about Bio Diesel Nutrients

Will Bio Diesel Nutrients affect the pH of my nutrient solution?

No. Bio Diesel Nutrients are all-natural and don’t raise the pH level — in fact, they are pH-friendly and lower the pH of most solutions by approximately 0.1.

Do I need a base nutrient like Canna Coco?

If you are growing in any hydroponics system using inert media like clay, rockwool, peat or coco, you should use a complete base nutrient and Bio Diesel’s additive range. We recommend the Bio Diesel Green Diamond Base AB, Canna Coco, Grow Research, or H&G.

I’m not sure what I need. Can you help?

Absolutely. We have teams of professionals on the Gold Coast and Brisbane who can help find the right nutrient system for your chosen plants and growing style. We also offer free hydroponics lessons to ensure you have the skills you need to grow a healthy, thriving garden, whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

Shop Bio Diesel Nutrients online at Hydrocentre Hydroponics today!

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Aloevate 250ml

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Bio Diesel 250ml

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