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Performance Coco

Grow Research have developed a Coconut coir specific nutrient that is

  • organic based with minerals added using their brewing technology
  • Buffers to protect against rapid pH changes
  • has additional Calcium, Magnesium Nitrogen to prevent the Coco media from creating deficiencies
  • Will operate easily

For best results use Grow research Drive for root development, protection and increased nutrient uptake. Also use Performance Boost during flowering to enhance flowering - one of our customers favourite flowering boosters - very successful for all aspects of quality and quantity.

Performance Coco is available in

  • 1Litre A and 1 Litre B = 2 litre set
  • 5Litre A and 5 Litre B = 10Litre set
  • 20L A and 20L B - 40L set



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