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Carbon Filter Hydroponics Gold Coast

Our hydroponic carbon filters are designed to help eliminate odours and fragrances from your hydroponic garden.

Carbon filters are used primarily to filter small pollutants such as smell, odours, mould and pollen. They are used with centrifugal fans, located within a growing area and exhaust air sucked through them and then expelled from the growing area.
Quality of a carbon filter is generally found in their origins - and CAN FILTER comes from Europe where high international standards are maintained and 100% smell removal should occur. Cheap filters may not ever achieve 100% removal.

Intake filters are higher flow and will not remove the smell, but are effective against insects mould and dust, but especially Pollen which can cross-contaminate a crop with an inferior type leading to seeds that are undesirable.

Bug net intake filters are just for insects and the most basic filter

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