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Take your indoor garden to new heights with our grow tent dehumidifiers

At Hydrocentre Hydroponics, we love providing our customers with the tools and knowledge they need to achieve outstanding results from their indoor gardening endeavours. Our grow tent dehumidifiers are designed to suit various needs and budgets, ensuring you can find the ideal solution to match your requirements. Whether you're growing delicate herbs, robust vegetables, or vibrant flowers, our dehumidifiers will support your plants' growth perfectly. Browse through our collection of grow tent dehumidifiers online for fast shipping Australia-wide.

Why is humidity important for plants to grow?

A dehumidifier is useful for maintaining a balanced and controlled environment within a grow tent. It helps you avoid common issues associated with high humidity, like mould, mildew, and reduced plant health. Here are a few reasons we recommend investing in a dehumidifier for your grow tent:

  • Control Over Humidity Levels: Excess humidity can lead to mould, mildew, and bacterial growth, which can damage plants and hinder their development. A dehumidifier helps you lower and maintain the humidity within an acceptable range.
  • Mould & Mildew Prevention: High humidity levels create a favourable environment for mould and mildew to thrive. These fungal growths can harm plants and spread quickly in a closed space like a grow tent. A dehumidifier can reduce the risk of mould and mildew infestations and ensure healthier plant growth.
  • Improved Air Circulation: Stagnant air can create pockets of high humidity around leaves and stems, increasing the risk of fungal diseases and limiting nutrient absorption. Using a dehumidifier helps maintain better air circulation and prevents localised humidity spikes.
  • Enhanced Transpiration and Nutrient Uptake: While maintaining proper humidity is essential, excessively high humidity can actually reduce the rate of transpiration and nutrient uptake in plants. This can lead to sluggish growth and even nutrient deficiencies. A dehumidifier helps optimise the balance between humidity and transpiration, supporting healthier nutrient uptake.
  • Flowering and Fruiting Stages: During the flowering and fruiting stages of plant growth, it's beneficial to lower humidity levels. By using a dehumidifier, you can create conditions that promote better flower and bud development without compromising overall plant health.
  • Specific Plant Requirements: Some plants have specific humidity preferences that might differ from the general guidelines. For example, plants native to arid environments might require lower humidity levels even during their growth stages. A dehumidifier allows you to cater to the specific needs of your plants.
  • Precise Environmental Control: When growing plants in a controlled environment like a grow tent, having precise control over all environmental factors, including humidity, can lead to more consistent and successful growth outcomes. A dehumidifier adds another layer of control to your cultivation efforts. By carefully managing humidity levels, you can create conditions that foster optimal growth and maximise the potential of your plants. Shop grow tent dehumidifiers online at Hydrocentre Hydroponics!


Our collection of Quest Dehumidifiers

Quest Humidifiers are superpowered horticultural devices — the most energy-efficient on the market with no glues, metals, or chemicals that could affect the water from the unit. This means the water is suitable for plants, unlike most dehumidifiers on the market. Available in overhead configurations (mounting equipment sold separately) and freestanding options, our collection includes:

Shop Quest Humidifiers in Australia with Hydrocentre Hydroponics, a certified supplier of Quest products! Note: While we usually have Quest Dehumidifiers in stock, please be aware that global supply chain issues and the popularity of these grow tent dehumidifiers can cause delays. We recommend buying them in advance to ensure you have them in place to prevent issues in your grow room or tent.

FAQs about grow tent humidifiers

How does a dehumidifier work?

Dehumidifiers typically use cooling coils or desiccant materials to remove moisture from the air. Air is drawn into the unit, moisture is condensed or absorbed, and then the dry air is released back into the environment.

How much moisture is too much moisture?

Optimum humidity levels vary based on the plant species and growth stage, but here’s a general guideline: Seedlings and cuttings: 70-80% humidity Vegetative growth: 50-70% humidity Flowering and fruiting: 40-50% humidity.

Are Quest Dehumidifiers energy-efficient?

Yes! Quest has the most energy-efficient dehumidifiers available, using the least electricity while removing more water per kWh at the widest temperature range. The Quest 155 Overhead Dehumidifier is a top choice if you’re eco-conscious, removing up to 155 pints of water daily while saving you thousands in annual energy costs.

Can a grow tent dehumidifier help with temperature control?

Dehumidifiers primarily focus on controlling humidity levels, but some models might have a cooling effect due to removing moisture from the air. However, their primary function is humidity control.

How do I choose the right size dehumidifier for my grow tent?

The dehumidifier size you need depends on the size of your grow tent and the humidity levels you're dealing with. Look for a unit with a capacity suitable for the cubic centimetres or metres of your grow tent. Note: Using a dehumidifier with a higher capacity than needed can excessively dry out the air in your grow tent, leading to overly low humidity levels. If you need a hand choosing a dehumidifier for your grow tent, contact our team at (07) 5527 4155 (Gold Coast) or (07) 3440 2953 (Brisbane) for professional advice!

How much is shipping for a grow tent dehumidifier?

It depends on the dimensions and weight of the product as well as your location. Visit the product page of your desired dehumidifier and scroll down to click “Calculate Shipping” — enter your details for an instant shipping quote. Note: Dehumidifiers are considered a “bulky” item, so they will be shipped by a private freight company for fast, safe delivery.


Purchase a grow tent humidifier at Hydrocentre Hydroponics for fast shipping nationwide!

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