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New LED grow bars under development August 2016 Hydrocentre has been developing grow bars in conjunction with some of the most advanced LED manufacturers in the world. While we currently believe that LED’s are often much too expensive compared with tradit


What’s the difference between grow tents It’s a good question. Here is a few things. MYLAR Some of the tents have like a grey polyester lining. This is not Mylar, even though it is often called Mylar. I tested one just recently using my hand alone.


Our popular PS1 lighting fluros for propagating cuttings and seedlings – see our video for more.


The best just got better! The new Gavita Pro line e-series are improved models and are suitable for central control with the Gavita Master lighting controllers. Now you can have complete lighting control at your fingertips. New in the Pro line e-series is

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Here is our 2013 Nutrient chart for Indoor Growing. PERFORMANCE RANGE CHART – lists all Performance Products


LED Lighting Specifications 90W LED UFO Grow light 3650 lumens 40 Lumens per watt Pricing around $200 300W LED grow light 11520 lumens 38 lumens per watt pricing around $400-600 600W LED grow light 23040 lumens 38 lumens per watt pricing around $1000


Hey Just looking for a few prices Looking for a 400 watt setup Ø Ballast – middle range Ø Reflector – small Ø Lamp Looking for a


130W COMPACT FLUROS Hi there Scott just a quick question about the compact fluorescent 130 watt kits. If you use the three light spectrums can you successfully get a plant to flower as well as with the HPS systems also what area does one lamp and shade


Hi Scott, I have in mind to make my 200 litre corner tank into a terrarium with a rock wall at the rear, and water running down it. I don’t know how much water I would need or what size pump I would need.


Hello Scott I am looking into some sort of solution to odour problems for hydroponics and I am becoming somewhat confused as to what is the best. Just wondering if you had any thoughts on ozone generators vs. active carbon filters vs. ionisers,