Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

  Date Posted: 24 November 2017

Made from mycelium fungi, the exhale bag produces CO2 gasses for your plants without the hassle of big heavy bottles and expensive regulators. One bag covers 1.2x1.2m area and can supply 4-6 plants with enough CO2 for 6 months.


We now stock Superpro CO2 controllers using Infrared CO2 level control. Video on unit below. Superpro CO2 controller ($1400 alone) Plus regulator flowmeter solenoid and CO2 feeding tube for Gas cylinder($1200) Complete CO2 kit $2600

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We have a range of tents lights and systems available. Tents from $125* lights from 120,180 and 200* and great quality german fans and European filters from $250* Premium 250W kit ā€“ 250W light with small tent and 2 fans from $400* ā€“ for pricing click here


Hi Scott 2 things 1st Iā€™m after a co2 generator but I want a water cooled one, can u get these or do u know anywhere I can get one.They are available in the us but the gas fittings and power input wont suit Aus and if I make changes to the unit they have

CO2 Monitor Carbon Dioxide for growrooms

CO2 Monitor Carbon Dioxide for growrooms

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