Superpro CO2 Carbon Dioxide systems from Hydrocentre

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We now stock Superpro CO2 controllers using Infrared CO2 level control. Video on unit below.

Superpro CO2 controller ($1400 alone) Plus regulator flowmeter solenoid and CO2 feeding tube for Gas

cylinder($1200) Complete CO2 kit $2600


CO2 controller is available with a CO2 regulator (for bottled gas) or burner (LPG)


CO2 levels are around 350-400ppm in the environment. At approximately 1500ppm plants growth and flowering accelerates The Superpro controller uses an infra red detector to read the CO2 levels, and then adds CO2 until the desired level is reached. The Superpro can be connected to Fans for temperature and humidity control. The Superpro’s greatest strength is you can calibrate it manually, This is a great design which suits every grow room and greenhouse, not just a daily venting design. For best results, use with a split system air conditioner and/or cool tube reflectors to keep heat under control and CO2 levels high for longer. You can use the Superpro in a closed system environment. Call Scott or Kyle for advice on these products 07 5527 4155 or email

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By: on 10 June 2020
The power cord displayed is 120 v or American, does it come with 240v or an adaption?

Hydrocentre Hydroponics Response
This has a 240V plug

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