Channel NFT Systems


Flood and Drain table being used for Perlite and Cocofibre pots with an 80W lighting system over the plants to supplement the filtered sunlight in the window (windows are tinted and sunlight doesn’t come in until about 3pm until 5pm.) Network system – f


FOR REALLY SIMPLE HYDROPONICS – THE SOLO SYSTEM by Hydrocentre * all prices current as at publication Feb 2015 – but subject to change due to manufacturing components. pdf version with pictures available here -> Solo system package brochure Youtube video

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Hi, please advise me about your NFT channels . I want to grow larger plants so the widest channel would be my choice but I am not sure of the spacing. I would order an extra top to modify the spacing myself. The watering times you give are odd as all I ha


Now you can have your own system just like a farmer. Systems come with tank, pump, timer, irrigation, aluminium stand (except for one row kits). Nutrients are not included and start at $20. Optional extras are optional and listed below Kits come


Hello I was wondering what the correct pH would be for Vegetative and Flowering Tomatoes. Thanks. Hi there Good Question. In soil, the minerals are less available, and depending on soil types and the type of fertiliser, all plants can have a variety of pH


Hi there I have been looking at different systems to start my own hydroponic garden. I want to grow lettuce, herbs, strawberries to start with. I would love some more information on the Hydro Towers you sell on your site. What brand are they?