What’s the difference between grow tents?

Author: Scott  

What's the difference between grow tents It's a good question. Here is a few things.


Some of the tents have like a grey polyester lining. This is not Mylar, even though it is often called Mylar. I tested one just recently using my hand alone. With my hand anywhere in a Mylar tent (Seahawk with military grade Infra red proof Mylar) both sides of my hand was always illuminated. In the polyester tent, the side of my hand facing the light was illuminated, and the back of my hand was in shadow. Conclusion: light won't get down past the top leaves, and might reduce yield by 20-50% Yep - big call - but if there's no light there is no growth, there is no flowering.


In USA they use smaller diameter fans because their climate allows them to. I recommend tents that have bigger drawstring openings and cool tube ducts so you have options. They are standard in most sizes of our tents anyway.


Some of the barwork can be very thin, adequate, or over the top. In terms of barwork, you only need big bars in tents with big carbon filters hanging off them. Sure cheap tents are rubbish and often bend midway through the crop. Big thick bars are a great selling point - but usually mid range is enough to cover lights and small carbon filters with fans. In that case big bars only matter if you tilt the whole tent over repeatedly and the weight is twisting the frame. My main concern is when assembling the tent, you don't pull really hard trying to get the material over the frame. Often the reason it is not coming over is it is creased, twisted or still zipped somewhere, and pulling will only tear the fabric or bend the metal bars. I can recommend the Seahawk brand for cost effective bars, and we have gorilla tents if you want them.


Most tents are 2m high. We now have 2.3m high tents in most sizes, but mainly for Gavita lighting. Standard is 2 meters high, because they are cheaper and since you may not need the height and 2 meters is usually enough.


I've had a lot of people say their tents are either over the top, or cheap and nasty. The lining is the most important factor. Please talk to us if you want to know more.

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