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Hi there Scott just a quick question about the compact fluorescent 130 watt kits. If you use the three light spectrums can you successfully get a plant to flower as well as with the HPS systems also what area does one lamp and shade do i.e. is it equivalent to a 600 watt light and shade. I originally only wanted a fluoro system for growing time only but after looking on the net it says you can flower as well and it would be certainly cheaper on power and fuel. I want to purchase at least one of the CFL kits but need your advice. Thanks heaps wait to hear from you.

Hi there

1. Growers reporting need 1 of these lamps every 30-45cm depending on reflector/reflection

2. if a plant starts under a 14000 or 6000K spectrum, and when its ready to flower use the 2700K spectrum, with the grow spectrum as a side or bottom light, growers report successes with less heat and less ventilation required.

3.May take about 2 weeks longer to finish from start to finish.

4. total coverage around 50-80cm across.

5. Bulb can hang down, so plant can be 30-40cm above, beside and below lamp.

6. I prefer a chinahat reflector, to reflect all upward light down onto the plant, and panda film (White plastic) to reflect the light back from the sides. Plants can be grown up into the reflector, alongside the lamp.

7. For cuttings I prefer to have the lamp horizontal, to spread the light wide. Say 70cm x 50cm would be typical

coverage over young plants.

Hope that helps.

Scott Andrew

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