Envirolites / BIG FLUROS

Author: Scott  


Hey Scott, I have heard about some new fluros called envirolights which are some type of HID fluro. do you know anything about these? do you sell them? Cheers SM

Yes. we sell the 130Watt self ballasted lamps. They use a 40mm screw fitting the same as a HID lamp, but have a built-in ballast. The lamps are $99 They are available in 2700K colour for Flowering (Sodium like spectrum), 6400K colour for growing plants generally, 14000 for Marine Aquariums. The light output is fairly good, particularly because they are a cool lamp, and can be run so the plants nearly touch them. Overall that gives you a huge benefit on light intensity, ability to put the lamp in the foliage, and reduce redundant levels of ventilation.

Tests have shown us that cuttings are rooting faster under the 6400K lamp.

12,600 lumens without the need for 30-45cm distance gives you effectively an improvement of around 2-4 times as much light intensity. We are growing plants under them better than a 250W metal Halide, but not as good as a 400Watt. Pretty good if you have some indirect light.


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