Silver and Hydrogen peroxide

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Hi Scott

Kim here from Grass Valley,CA. Retired chemical engineer now environmental activist interested in getting into supplying environmentally friendly agricultural products here locally in Northern CA..

Very familiar w/hydrogen peroxide and colloidal silver for human health....been using both for years w/great success for ourselves, family, and friends. Your Hydroshield product sounds awesome for plant health. What sort of levels of h2o2 and ppm silver does your concentrate contain? Also, what dilution ratio would you suggest as a general purpose foliar feeding spray? BTW, the combo of h2o2 & CS used in a nebullizer is dynamite for impored health.

My first visit to your site...when time permits, will thoroughly peruse. Actually have a green house on our farm which is currently not in use....maybe I can get something going Hydroponically. I really like your site and your helpful attitude. Hope you can answer my question about the h2o2/cs use levels. Thanks so much . All the best, Kim Ireland PS Got a brother who lives in that anywhere nearby? He wants me to come visit!!

Hello Nice to hear from you. Good on you for the fight to clean up these humans messing up this planet. We use 5.75% hydrogen peroxide and silver ions below 50 micron. Colloidal silver doesn't seem to help plants as much as the silver ions. We dilute that at 2ml per litre in the tank for a preventative, and dose every second day if there is a fungal infection. Foliar sprays at 2mls per litre shouldn't harm the plants if there is nothing to react with. The problem is if you have x amount of problem, you need x amount of Hydroshield. What is x? Excess h2o2 can damage tissue as there is nothing to react with, and too little has no effect. So 2ml per litre would be fine even if there was nothing to kill. If you had some bacteria, fungus, algae etc, more would be used and effective. So use as much as you feel might help.

I used to use a lot of silver and h2o2 for health, but found something better in glyconutrition see

Been amazing - cures cancer, AIDS, Downs Syndrome, any disease whatsoever will have a positive effect. I don't need silver and h2o2 anymore Let me know what you wish to achieve with the greenhouse. Maybe we can design a system that runs by itself. Mooloolaba is about an hour to and hour 20mins away. My parents live about 15 mins away in the hills at Malaney Hope to see you one day. Got to see this awesome country! Scott

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