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Hi Scott

Have been experimenting with the equipment that I got from you awhile back and have only one real problem so far – I cant get the heat down to 28c. I have two 150mm fans – one in and one out. I am placing the temp gauge near the tops of the plants – is this where I should put it? My room is 2m long 1m wide and 2.3m high.


Well, lets take a look at ideals.

  • 20-30 degrees C if 40-60% humidity
  • Ideal is around 22-25 degrees C (Exhaust air temp if properly setup or ambient growroom air temp without contact heat from light)
  • Plants tolerate more heat if humidity is low, and vice versa.
  • If humidity is high, plants slow, if low, the plants dry out.
  • Basically if it feels uncomfortable to you, then the plant will be uncomfortable.

Check Air temp at the intake and exhaust. If you notice a much higher temp at the plant tops then you might be too close, or need a fan blowing on the tops.

In winter you are likely to have too much, and in summer maybe more would be better. Depends a little on what amount of lighting you are running.

Good Luck


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