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Due to the large number of customers who travel a long way to see us we will be open on Gold Coast Show day. I’d be peeved if I travelled a long way only to find there is a holiday that I didn’t know about – because I don’t live locally.


Question: I was referred to you by a person who said you make have what I am after, she said she purchased organic oil extraction liquid from you. I was in search of isopropyl as a solvent but it is a bit hard to get in 1 Litre bottles here.


Bartercard is no longer being accepted at Hydrocentre in Nerang.


Hydrocentre Hydroponics is proud to announce the update of their Hydroponic site at Over the next few days and weeks we will be updating the site with 100’s of archived articles from its old site, and creating a site that answers


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Transplanting strawberry runners (Certified runners) 11 Apr 2007 Should I cut most of the leaves off my transplant before inserting into the hydroponic system using Growool plugs I am using an NFT system, Second question is: how often and for how long


Micron Bubbles in DWC System 09 Feb 2007 Hi there, I have been searching so much to answer this question but was not successful at finding an answer. I hope you can help me. I am building a bubbler system and was wondering what the best micron size


hey scott, I was wondering if you could tell me the length of this light? I’m going to be using it on my 6ft aquarium do you think this light would work? and are they metal halide lights? I assume you mean the 130W high output fluro that we are advertisin


EC metre with Soil? Hi I have just borrowed an EC meter from a friend to check my nutes etc, I grow in soil and have real difficulty when plants go into 12/12, the first few weeks are fine but then they start to show deficiences, i suspect they need a goo


Hi scott , I was wondering if i had 30 tables of fancy lettuce ,what would be the estimated time you would spend working on your crop per week. (no computer system) 30 tables (of 550-600 holes) are very hard work with only one person.


Pythium infection on lettuce root Hi Scott, I would like to know if I can use 50% hydrogen pyroxide to eliminate pythium on lettuce root in a NFT system. Which dose (ml/100 l) can I use ? How it’ll be added to the tank solution ? Thanks for your response.


Hi scott, may be you can help me grow my chives in a way that I don’t have to pick ‘dead’ stems of each plant. We grow about 10 different herbs in our glasshouse on hydroponic tables.I sow out chives seed in a green plastic little tup[3by 5cm].


Hello Plant vitamins: I got superthrive, so will this then cause algae in my system? Superthrive – not necessarily. Algae needs light and nutrients to grow. If you shade your tank or avoid Silicamagic Silicamagic is a great idea but requires a few weeks t


Hello – after reading your q+a section I’m left a little confused.Could you please confirm Im doing this right. I make a nutrient mixture up and place it in my grow system. I have an auto top up set up for water consumption.( which adds fresh water only t


If I use a Nutrient Meter (CF Truncheon) do I still need a pH meter? Hi there That’s a great question. The answer is No – or Yes if you are not using town water, or if you are recirculating for a while. pH meters tell you how “available”


Hi there. I recommend 18 hours of light, and 6 hours of darkness. Complete darkness is not essential during this vegetative time. When a seedling is 6-8 weeks old or more, generally, you can reduce the hours to induce flowering. (A Cutting may already alr


Q: I want to set up a wardrobe lights and fan system (no hydroponic components) it would only need 2 support 1 or 2 plants and I was wondering if you would be able to recommend/supply an affordable option for this sort of thing – Any suggestions or recomm

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