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Q: I want to set up a wardrobe lights and fan system (no hydroponic components) it would only need 2 support 1 or 2 plants and I was wondering if you would be able to recommend/supply an affordable option for this sort of thing – Any suggestions or recommendations

Hi there.

Using a 130 Watt Fluro is a slow growing option, but because of the low heat, it suits systems without good ventilation.
Better to use a 400W High Pressure Sodium (HPS) which is much better, but needs some good ventilation or you will cook your plant quickly.

A Bathroom type fan (as long as it is rated for continuous use) is fine ( I sell them in my shop for around $55) or some sort of ducted fan like the 150mm ducted fan which is around $130 plus ducting.

Built in wardrobes are fine if you can exhaust into the roof cavity and the room it is drawing air from has fresh air from a window. Free Standing cupboards need to be drawing fresh air and exhausting the hot stale air.

Some ideas at www.hydrocentre.com.au – do a search on the main page for 130 Watt and Wardrobes for instance.
That’s my Hydroponic store, and the catalogue is at Catalogue

Hope that help

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