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Hey there.
I’m looking to get into hydroponic growing.

Aside from the obvious, I’m also looking at growing some other things indoors such as tomatoes, chillis…etc….nothing too big.

The system I’m looking at getting going on would only be relatively small (not after those stupidly insane “grow rooms” I’ve seen), lets say at most I’d want to grow 4 things at a time. The unit itself I could take care of, I’d assume a wardrobe or something of the like would be fine given the proper ventilation, yeah?

So…just to start off, I’m not looking at spending a GREAT deal of cash, I understand the lights are most likely the most expensive part of the investment…

So, what lights would I be best to invest in, what would be best to use for ventilation, what material would I be best to grow in, and what kind of nutrients would you suggest for, say…larger fruit?
I mean hey, since you seem to be a store someplace here, I’d be happier to deal with you than some overseas supplier. If you give me good advice, and some suggestions, I’d be happy to look at your stuff…at this point, I’m after suggestions, as I’ll be buying in say 2-3 weeks.

So yeah, hit me back when you’ve got the time, let me know what you think’ll be the go in this situation.

Wardrobes can make excellent units. They need to seal well when the doors are closed. This is so they only draw fresh air from the intake fan, and only exhaust through the exhaust fan. Then you can have control.
Work out the cubic capacity of the wardrobe. Then look at fan performance. (maybe look at my catalogue and information pack at You need to be able to change the air about 20 times per hour in winter (under 20 degrees) about 200 times per hour in summer (over 25 degrees)

The light I prefer is a 400W Son T agro ($185) for the system you are looking at, which is a maximum area of 1m x 1m and mostly, only the top 50-60cm of foliage will get light, the leaves below shaded by the ones above. Try to think of running a net up the back and sides, and train the plants into the netting. This will ensure the light reaches the maximum leaves. You can also train them sideways and even down again if they grow too well and you run out of height in the wardrobe..

Ventilation and light must be as close to ideal. So that means a nice sunny day, not above 30 degrees, not below 15 degrees, somewhere you and I might feel comfortable. If you feel comfortable, the plants will do well. If its stuffy, humid, hot, cold, or otherwise to you, the plants may develop problems.
If budget is an issue, I recommend hand watering to start, using Perlite in pots, watering with a good nutrient until moist and the saucer has some nutrient in it. When the saucer is empty, and the pot is getting lighter, then its time to do it again. Flush the pots with fresh water every 2-4 weeks. Nutrients will have a small bearing on yield, but the Carbon Dioxide in the air is the bulk of the plant so ventilation is the key. The light levels determine how much energy the plant has so the light is important. Once these two are maximised, then the other things will work and not before.

Nutrients such as Powergro Grow ($22) and Bloom ($22) are great for people who are basic watering type of Hydroponics. Canna is usually is another nutrient ($35) and can give better results, but you need to keep an eye on strengths and pH’s, while Powergro will work with most town water supplies without adjustments.
Both of these use high grade natural minerals and organic components. Avoid nutrients with synthetic components if its for consumption. Check with me if unsure.

We are in Mail Order and try our best to give fast shipping, plain wrapping, and only ask that you give us a chance to help by phone on (07) 5527-4155. Talking allows for a faster question and answer session and we can always tell you the ways and tricks that will suit you if we can get into your situation. I guess the key is helping you through this, so we need to take this one step at a time or it might get a bit confusing.
Ok Hope that helps. Let me know if I can clarify more, but look at the catalogues (indoor and hydro ones) and call or email us with your new questions.

Thanks for emailing

Scott Andrew
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