Wall Garden Systems from $20 by wallgarden and hydrocentre

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We have been using wallgarden grow boxes for Hydroponics and Aquaponics now for a while.


Wall Garden System from $20 or complete 5 tray, tank media etc $299 – also 3 trays, perlite and nutrient as a DIY hand watered kit for $85 We can use clay balls as shown here - or Perlite or Coconut Coir or even a good organic soil.The individual trays are $20 each or $170 for a box of 10.

The aluminium frame can be cut to size for $7 per meter + $3 a corner... so all you have to do is take it home and put it up against the wall. Great if you are renting. Aquaponics growing can be achieved by using the system as a bio filter and fish to the tank. Using Grow research's Drive to add the necessary biomatter such as beneficial bacteria and fungal groups to convert ammonia and increase nitrate uptake by the plants.

A wide variety of plants can be grown in a wall garden such as tomatoes, lettuce, herbs, beans, strawberries, flowers, in fact almost anything that grows above ground and isn't a tree... For more ideas contact our staff or perhaps look at the solo systems which we have made into vertical gardens in the past. visit hydrocentre.com.au/solo for more information on Solo systems starting from $55* or try our growing guides


Solo systems from $55

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