TurboKlone TIPS – Aeroponic Propagation of Clones

Author: Scott  


Follow TurboKlone instructions. The following are things we have used to improve things.


We suggest adding Hydroshield to sterilize cuttings at the beginning at 2ml per litre to kill fungal infections that might develop into stem rot or root rot. These fungal infections can be air or water borne, but often are present on the stem of the cutting. Hydroshield adds Oxygen and Silver to prevent issues with fungal, bacterial, or Viruses.


Use Clone FX as the nutrient at 10ml per litre from the start. It has nutrients, vitamins and hormones in it already, but you can add some extra rooting hormone by dipping the cuttings in a clone gel if you wish. It isn't really necessary. If you do then it is true that the gel may wash off but will be sprayed back on the cuttings constantly.

DRIVE or root stimulant

After 2 or 3 days, the Hydroshield will have worn off. Add Drive, which is a highly concentrated microbial root stimulant to make roots grow faster. It won't start the roots off, but will make them grow massively when they come out. Since it won't help produce roots, it's best not to be in there with Hydroshield at the start as Hydroshield will kill good and bad microbes. Drive will increase the root development by factors of 2x to 4x

Last rule - if the plant doesn't look right, and you don't know why, please ask for our help. We can prevent issues becoming a problem if we find out early enough and we can teach you as you grow.

Temperature—Try to keep the temperatures around 22-25 degrees. The Fan in the front should cool or heat the water to around air temperature. If it gets hot put a simple timer like our HPM timer on the pump (not the fan) and set it to go off 15 minutes on and then 15 minutes off for all 24 hours. This will allow the root zone to cool slightly. Select a growing position that is not too hot. If It is still too hot in summer, get one of our cooler kits for around $130-180 (ask us to work out options with you)

Lighting—We recommend 18 hours of fluorescent lighting. 24 hours stops plant being able to breathe out CO2 and its hormonal and health could be stressed.

Replacing the Neoprene plugs from time to time can be beneficial as they can harbour some fungal spores. As a cheap alternative—some growers have purchased our 40mm wrapped Grodan cubes, cut them in half and then used them as plugs. Easy and disposable. Some growers prefer the results as the cubes breathe better.

Call Scott or Kyle for advice on these products on 07 5527 4155 or email info@hydrocentre.com.au or visit our showroom at 4 / 46 Spencer Road NERANG QLD 4211 hydrocentre.com.au

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