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Aeroponics is a type of Hydroponic system where a nutrient solution is sprayed directly onto the root system. Generally plants get a very quick start and often a cutting of a plant will root directly into the aeroponic system.




Crate systems (shown above) are 65 x 45cm can hold up to 6 plants in Aeroponic Baskets. The nutrient solution is sprayed onto the root system below the lid. Price of single crate (6 pots, clay balls, sprinklers, irrigation) with tank, pump, timer, filter, and irrigation to the crate Click here to open catalogue for more pricing details - approx $195 at time of writing. A second or third crate can be added to original crate approx $90 per crate.




Tray Aeroponic systems (above) use 14cm baskets and the roots sit on the tray instead of hanging in the air. They are available in these tray sizes and we would recommend the number of plants indicated. We can spray or flood the pots - or both.

70 x 116cm 6 to 8 pots

90 x 90 cm 9 pots

116 x 116cm 12 to 16 pots

107 x 209cm 24 to 32 plants

Includes tray, stand, tank, pump, Irrigation, filter, 14cm aero pots, tray cover, sprinklers and timer.




We stock 2 types of Aeroponic Propagator

Aeroponic propagators (left) 60x40cm are fast producers of roots, and do not require using rockwool cubes every time. Put the cutting into the basket, some FX clone nutrient into the tank and turn on the sprinklers. Usually roots occur within 2-4 days, and planting out can be done by 5-10 days. Often the cutting keeps growing in the propagator as the roots grow that fast. Prices at time of writing are approx $250 Basic, or $300 with thermostatically controlled heating. see catalogue for updated pricing.

Maintenance Guidelines. Aeroponic Roots need to be sprayed often, however, some time without spraying is indicated as the roots grow. Ask for personal advice first time through, however, as a guide, use continual spraying until roots appear out of the baskets, wait about 5 days and then reduce pump spray times to 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off. When roots become very dense, and/or reach the bottom of a crate system, the roots are beginning to retain their own water, and less watering may be indicated. Reduce to 15 minutes on and 30 minutes off. If very hot or directly in sun in middle of day, then increase watering during this time to compensate, as the sprayers have a natural cooling effect on the roots. Check roots regularly for any sign of discolouration, and call us for advice

Turbo Klone is an advanced system that we highly recommend - we get roots within 3-5 days. We also know a massive way to double roots (or more) from 4 to 8 days - ask when you buy one off us for a great tip for these propagation machines.

What is the Revolution?

It's a fresh idea that's putting a new spin on cloning! We were tired of fighting with high temperatures that were killing our roots. We needed a way to clone without having to use timers, chillers or other expensive accessories. The Solution: TurboKlone!

A streamlined cloner that gives you more sites, keeps temperatures low and provides more oxygen. The central technology behind TurboKlone is simple: A fan that offers a one-two punch!

1. The fan blows fresh air into the growing chamber

2. The cool air from the fan keeps temperatures low

The air from the fan mixes with the fine spray of water from the manifold, maximizing the concentration of dissolved oxygen. High levels of dissolved oxygen create ideal conditions for roots to flourish.

As the fan spreads cool air across the reservoir it combats any excess heat caused by the pump. In the past, growers were forced to either put their pumps on timers or risk killing their roots due to excess heat. But TurboKlone's technology lets you keep those pumps running all day long and your roots growing super strong.

The TurboKlone Revolution gives you what other clone machines on the market aren't giving you.

  • SITES: Why have less when you can have more? TurboKlone gives you up to 60% more sites in the same amount of space than other machines. Why pay more when you can pay less? It'll cost you just $6.25 per site with the T48 and nearly $10.40 per site for a machine of similar size.
  • STRUCTURE/CLEANING: Instead of having flat walls like a Tupperware tub, the TurboKlone is curvy and has rounded edges giving you a stronger, more durable product. Bonus! Those sexy curves also let you clean the system quickly and easily. You don't have to worry about unwanted root-killing bacteria hanging around in tight corners.
  • CONVENIENCE/FUNCTIONALITY: Each Klone site has a finger recess that makes it easy to remove and replace Klone Collars. And we've taken the guess-work out of water measurements by adding a fill-line inside the tub so you always know how much H2O you need to add. You're welcome!
  • CONTROL/OPTIONS: Seems like there are two camps when it comes to using a humidity dome: some say it isn't necessary, others say they wouldn't clone without it – especially in the first five days. We let you make the call. You can purchase our cloning systems with-or-without a humidity dome. And if you have buyers remorse, you can always buy the dome by itself later. It's nice to be in charge!
  • SIZE: Waste not, want not. Especially when it comes to space. The TurboKlone has a dimensional footprint equal-to if not less-than other machines. BUT in that same amount of space, you get way more klone sites!


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