Tropical Hydroponics

Author: Scott  


We live in Darwin where it is hot and humid for 4 months of the year. Can we still grow vegetables in this climate. Do you know of any web sites that specifically discuss hydroponics in the tropics? I appreciate your assistance. Jill

I know what you mean. One commercial grower grows commercial lettuce up there under shade cloth. That's not really done down here except by hobbyists. So I believe that like Asian and other tropical growers you need to consider your situation. If above 25 degrees, choose a system that keeps water readily available. If above 30 degrees, then use some light shade to cool it down. If there is still heat you can put more shade cloth layers to protect during hottest times, e.g. maybe the north side during summer, and also ensure venting of heat, and catching any breezes. The humidity may provoke mould and fungus if above 60% in a warm climate, so use some microkill or other beneficial bacterial spray (prefer microkill) or a fungicide like fongarid to protect the plants. If you want to go technical and use fans to vent and circulate air, this can be lots more fun and very productive.

As for websites, I wish there was. Let me know if you find them, as I am way too busy on this website and could do with the help answering questions. ~smile~


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