Transplanting strawberry runners (Certified runners)

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Transplanting strawberry runners (Certified runners)
11 Apr 2007

Should I cut most of the leaves off my transplant before inserting into the hydroponic system using Growool plugs I am using an NFT system, Second question is: how often and for how long should I irrigate the plants? (Far North Coast NSW)

I suggest speaking to the strawberry runner association (whoever you bought the runners from) as some varieties can vary.

Growool should be moist not wet all the time.

If not using anything (i.e. put in the channels bare rooted with no Growool) we would use 30min on and 30 mins off until the temperature is above 30 degrees, then continuously until the temperature drops again. Then monitor this and perhaps adjust slightly to perfect healthy root growth. Growool holds water and since strawberries are prone to crown rot, I would irrigate for 15 minutes, and then do it again when the Growool is past moist and on its way to being dry. This will vary with evaporation rates, humidity, temperature, and so on. It also depends on the amount of Growool and how much root mass will be outside the plug, because if the Growool is wet and the roots have exceeded the plug, the external roots may dry out. Management may require that some system where the Growool is irrigated infrequently at first, then by adjusting the flow height, or the position of the plug, the plug might be out of the water stream and more frequent watering can be done with only external roots be wet. These external roots would then “wick” the water up to other roots in the Growool and above the waterline.
Hope that helps. It can be complicated.


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