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Plant vitamins: I got superthrive, so will this then cause algae in my system?

Superthrive – not necessarily. Algae needs light and nutrients to grow. If you shade your tank or avoid


Silicamagic is a great idea but requires a few weeks to see a transformation.

The catalogue/information has a good idea on that. ( Catalogue )

I’d rate it as highly recommended but not essential.

Folar Sprays just wondering if should grab the set of them.

Plants root systems seem to be able to pick and choose what they will take up. Spraying the leaves will ensure the contents are absorbed. Our foliar sprays are amino acid based, have nutrients, vitamins, wetting agents, so its a lot easier than making your own sprays.

Also read somewhere about spraying carbonated water on plants if you don’t have a co2 system. Since i have a soda stream machine just wondered your thoughts on the idea of cabonating filtered water, and adding the nutrients, amino acids, vitamins and wetting agent or what ever to it and spraying that on. would there be any benifits or if it would be in someway bad for the other things you are spraying.

This is one of those ideas I spent a lot of years telling people its stupid and then a few years ago, I found out it does seem to make the plant happier.

CO2 is a great boost that we all ignore too much. Let me know about carbonating the nutrients for a foliar spray, I haven’t tried that, but yes, carbonated water works, and so does foliar nutrients, so go for it. The amount of carbonation is the determining factor.

Additives that cause cells to divide quicker, is this just for if you doing like crazy big plants or recomended for everyone?

Flowers forming faster, is more faster growth, not bigger. The Monstabud product does this through the bees wax in the mix.

hope that helps

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