Network Systems – Gravity Fed fill and forget systems

Author: Scott  

No Electricity Required! Veggies, herbs, fruit trees...

Click here for pdf Network system brochure handout

Just fill your tank with Grow Research Nutrients. The Smart Valve feeds plants—Then waits for plant to use the nutrients before filling again. Fill and Forget System.

The system is expandable up to 40 cells—(all on the same level…) and is available in Round or Square



Our Network system in a shadecloth greenhouse to keep the bugs out.

Click here for pdf Network system brochure handout.

2 CELL STARTER KIT Brain + 2 cell $99 round or $110 Square Brain includes 15L Tank + two stage gravity valve

ADD A CELL KIT Additional Cells $20 round or $25 square (up to 40 additional cells) Up to 4 plants per cell Cell include 15L Pot with Perlite growing media, grommet, fitting, hose and Connector.

Nutrients required—from $10 one part, or $25 two part….

Here is a video with 3 popular systems - you should watch it all but Networks start at 6:10 in the video.


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