Micron Bubbles in DWC System

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Micron Bubbles in DWC System

09 Feb 2007

Hi there,

I have been searching so much to answer this question but was not successful at finding an answer. I hope you can help me. I am building a bubbler system and was wondering what the best micron size for bubbles is? The smaller the bubbles the better because roots can easier absorb oxygen and nutrients that way correct? In addition, many micron small bubbles create a greater surface area than a few large bubbles and DO should also be higher with smaller bubbles correct? But what micron size of bubbles is best for DWC systems? thank you so much, I hope you can help me!

Hi there

DWC is when the roots are submerged (to a some extent)

1. Bubbles should create a current to lift the water from the bottom to absorb water at the surface.

2. Bubbles should be the main way to break the surface tension as they come to the surface to allow for oxygen absorption

3. Bubbles should lift the roots gently to keep in the roots nearer the surface.

4. The circulation should cause the whole water supply to move and keep oxygen levels high throughout the solution, even at the bottom.

As we watch the bubbles they start at the bottom and if they were being absorbed they should disappear. They don’t disappear, they actually grow in size until the “pop” at the surface.
Bubble size in Deep Water Culture has never been important. If you try small bubble and larger bubbles it is not as important as Water movement to the surface is. Movement of water must be 100% to ensure all water has been aerated and the surface must move to absorb oxygen. So airpumps or water jets must be placed throughout and have large flow rates to ensure speed of turnover. Don’t break the roots though…
To maximise results – roots should be both in the water and above the water, so build a airspace above the water. The roots in the air will remain damp through the other roots “wicking” the water up by capillary action, and humid air and splashing. These roots will act like Aeroponic plants and provide high performance.

Hope this helps.

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