Is hydroponics or aeroponics better?

Author: Scott  


is hydro or aero better? why is it better? i m from singapore here…i really need it for a project asap…plz

Hydroponics is the group of techniques for growing plants without soil – Aeroponics is one of those.

As for if its the best, it depends.

Good points:

  • High growth rate
  • Fairly low root rot risk
  • easy to use
  • Fairly low running costs
  • Small tanks required

Bad points:

  • Can’t grow root crops
  • Can’t grow bulbs usually
  • difficult root support setup – usually means a small basket with balls, which eliminates direct seed sowing
  • plants have little anchor against wind
  • root zone can become over heated or cold quickly. Avoid very hot sun or very cold climates unless heating/cooling put into designs. Note that its still easier than NFT to adjust temperature.
  • Startup cost can be higher (depending on size of droplet) than some systems (Our 6 plant kit at AUD$145 is moderately expensive for a hobbyist but competitors set up elaborate systems over AUD$500 to achieve the same growth rate.)
  • Large root zone depth required uses up height and puts plants higher than normal.

Is it better? Depends on what you need. Sorry – Aeroponics exists because it suits some situations. Very few commercial installations succeed. Israel run these systems. Asians run a lot of Deep flow beds, where roots float on water as many systems can’t keep the root zone temperature down enough. Australia uses a lot of (gravel / scoria / coal ash / sawdust / or Perlite) drip systems and NFT channel systems. Americans try anything. Europe uses a lot of Rockwool slabs and occasionally NFT. This proves that some systems suit different environments and you should never get into a basic assumption like one is better than another.


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