How would you grow carrots?

Author: Scott  


I wanted to grow carrots and wanted to know if they can be done hydoponicilly? Thank You Carrots grow in 20cm + depth August 2 2002 at 4:25 PM Scott Scott

Response to How would you grow carrots?

Carrots need 20cm or more in depth of a moist medium like Perlite. I have grown them in Soil and Perlite in Crates that were about a foot tall so about 30cm in depth. The perlite was wet down with nutrient when nearly dry. The soil similarly. The soil ones were small and pitiful by the time I had eaten all the Perlite grown Carrots, and they weren't dirty, but almost sweet, they tasted really nice. Worth doing I think! I am growing Pototoes in a similar system, and Onions and root crops would grow well in that system. Keep smiling and growing!



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