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I was wondering about the health/safety of consuming plants grown with the type of fertilizers used in hydroponics. And are other chemicals such as growth hormones etc used?

Ah yes. The old what is a chemical situation. Yes we sell mineral nutrients, and some brands have organic additives. Growth hormones if synthetic should not be in your diet. Organic hormones such as phytoestrogens are produced by plants and are required to be in your diet to assist you in your own hormonal balance. If plant extracts are used, they usually make a huge song and dance about what they’ve done, like seaweed or molasses, or beeswax, or alfalfa sprout juice, that sort of thing.

I grow veggies at home using my black and white formula, which is just the minerals, with some humic acid to provide an organic catalyst to aid boron take-up. You can get the 1kg powder packs which are additive free, and are just minerals refined from the soil, no synthetics.

On a sidebar – I am an anti-chemical crusader, as well as anti-organics (mainly anti-bacteria containing manure fertilisers).

75,000 synthetic chemicals have been added to our lives since 1940’s and only 7% have been tested for toxicity. Health Organizations say that 100% of people tested around the globe test positive to 100% of the toxins they can test for. There are no fish left without traces of chemical pollutants. Even the snow, ice, penguins and fish at the Arctic is contaminated, far from industrial and agricultural chemicals. There is now a green layer under the ice that won’t freeze made up mostly of farm pesticides. You cannot hide from the chemicals in our world because the water on this planet keeps recycling, diluting and distributing the contaminants. Simple things such as almost every water supply has pharmaceutical drugs at a detectable level in them, leads me to believe that the symptoms people have can often be just side effects of mixing drugs together in small amounts. Its frightening. Birth rates are falling worldwide in animals and humans. The female to male ratio is now very upset, with males becoming much less predominant in numbers to females.

So eat lots of fresh veggies. You need antioxidants free radical scavengers etc to attack toxins. You will need to eat 10-14 serves of veggies per day, or 30-40 serves if they are not raw. If you can’t graze like a cow, then use dietary supplements. If any readers are interested in what the correct dietary supplements are you can contact me direct.



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