Difference between Hydroshield and Hydrogen Peroxide

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What is the difference between hydroshield and oxy-plus?

Good question.
Hydroshield is 6% H2O2 with silver ions.
When it comes into contact with a single celled organism, bacteria, virus, algae and so on, it breaks up and the silver and the free oxygen (O-) attacks it.

The National Medical Research Council says that both are good for sanitising, but together they are greater than the addition of two.

The silver helps keep the H2O2 in suspension for longer, up to 7 days.

Straight H2O2 is very unstable. Even with 50% like Oxy Plus, it breaks up quickly upon contact with water and any contaminants, or even agitation, can create a massive initial burst of H2O2 without being directed at anything, After an hour there is usually very low levels still available to keep sanitising.

With H2O2 you need to add it very regularly to provide any residual protection.

While both will sanitise upon contact with micro-organisms and so on, even a high strength solution cannot protect like a silver and Hydrogen peroxide solution can.

Both are destroyed in the act of sanitising, (releasing O-) and should be added regularly until the problem is under control.

With Hydroshield, we recommend adding weekly as a preventative, and as a curative, add every 2 days until under control.

With Oxy Plus, I suggest adding every 3-4 days, ensuring it will pass through feeder lines and up into the system before it breaks down, and every day if there is a problem.

The other problem is danger. Oxyplus on the skin will burn. Hydroshield tends to just whiten the areas of the skin that has bacteria on it (usually the cracks like the palm print and finger prints).

Hydroshield is below 6% and so won’t pose a fire risk. It is capable of being posted, where Oxyplus requires dangerous goods truck freight measures due to its oxidisation and fire risk (Fast Oxygen release).

Hope that helps.
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