Automatic systems

Author: Scott  


Can a System be totally automatic? If I left it it would work and be able to work itself? Can I grow and stay organic? Thanks

Response to Automatic systems by scott [moderator]

You can make a system so automatic you can leave the system alone. A simple float valve like an autopot valve can be used to provide enough nutrient from a gravity tank. The tank can be huge, or you can use a dosing system to refill the tank with a mix of water from your tap and nutrient in a bottle. see automatic systems at

Organic based nutrients are very common. Mineral based nutrients ( synthetics) are very common. Pure organics becomes difficult to keep the biological activity balanced. I tend to steer clear of organics, as any fecal matter in organics could contain E-coli and other nasties; which have now been proven will be absorbed by vegetables. Hydroponics with a mineral nutrient and/or organic blended nutrients (using clean organic matter) will tend to be the safest growing method, and will result in the highest vitamin and nutritional content. Of course, growing at home is the only sure way to ensure no pesticides are used. Give me a yell if that needs further clarification



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