Soil or hydroponics (hydroponics)

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Which is easier and which gives you the greatest yield on average ? I am currently using soil.

From Scott

There is no doubt Hydroponics is easier than soil, and the yields and speed is much better. There are many techniques which will yield differently that other hydroponic techniques as well.

In Soil a Lettuce grower would expect 3-5 crops a year, but in Hydroponics a farmer gets 10-14 crops a year. There is much less effort. The Hydroponic solution makes the plants grow at their optimum rate, not artificially accelerated as some may think. The speed and yield is high because the plant does not wait for soil to give up its minerals, if they are there at all. The reason that the whole thing is easier is its all in the bottle. No need to guess what a plant needs. When soil goes wrong, there are thousands of possible reasons, in Hydroponics it all comes down to less than 10 and they are basic like is there nutrient, is there light. In soil it is, are there bugs in the soil I can’t see, is that an such and such deficiency or such and such toxicity locking up such and such blah blah, too hard!!! Give me a simple thing like Hydroponics in Perlite, of Expanded Clay,…, No need to be a rocket scientist or worse – A horticulturalist.

If anyone wants a really big reply to this the question of questions either:

1. email me and I’ll do it up for you!
2. get some Perlite and some dirt and race them against each other!

…..either way you will be able to see the differences quickly.



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Growing yield

By: on 9 February 2018
l thinking about setting up a 600m2 of just growing tomato , if it set up the right way what would the possible yield , grown timing 3 t 4 months , 200kg every 3 to 4 months say 600kg per annum , l am new to this but my friends are doing well in Vietnam with small roof tops ok thank you

Hydrocentre Hydroponics Response
Yields of 10-20kg per square meter are achievable. top growers have reported as high as 50kg per square meter but that can take a lot of investment. Best contact us if you need more help - Scott

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