Is exhausting out or the room into the house and intaking from the house possible

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hi i was wondering if it is possible to exhaust the air out of the room and into the basement .and than take air into the room from the basement as well ,or do i have to intake the air from out side ,and if i do have to take air from outside what do you suggest i do on accout of the air outside where i live is -30*c,its very very cold i dont know what that is in farenheit lol , any help would be greatly appreciated thx ,and also i noticed posts are all old ,are u still answering these?

Very cold... You need fresh Carbon Dioxide, and there is only a limited amount in the air. We don't sense CO2 depletion as much in stale rooms, as oxygen is much higher than CO2 levels.

You need to change the air with fresh air about 10 times per hour to keep the CO2 happening. Maybe find a room or rooms you can get air from that are warmer and allow a small amount of air to get into these rooms through windows. I am in 30 degree weather here, so I don't really have any ideas. Recirculating air is bad. Cold Air is bad too. Maybe you need to use your local knowledge to see what you can do.

As for posts, I have a new database being built. This manual entry into the website takes my whole day up. Mostly I answer immediately anything with an email address as I said on my site I would. The rest is getting around to it.


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