Rocket pots vs antispiral air pruning pots vs fabric pots

Author: Scott  


Air pruning has some great advantages like faster root development, high root health, plant development is faster and yields can be higher than traditional pots. The disadvantage is that if the pot size is the same, the traditional pot will hold more water as the evaporation from the sides is the key advantage to growth and disadvantage to a busy grower who will have to water more often.

With so much information out there promoting one type not another, I'd like to clarify what  rocket pots are good for, what anti-spiral pots are good for and what fabric pots are good for. 

Rocket pots look like this

  • you have to assemble them
  • the lay flattish when stored
  • you can remove the plant from the pot by taking them apart
  • very good air pruning - root system is heavily branched
  • the base has air under it so you can't leave them in a saucer of water when you go away for a few days - you'll need a bucket to have it deep enough.
  • Prices and sizes are here


Antispiral pots are air pruning as well

  • They are stronger and more durable
  • you don't have to assemble them
  • they stack inside each other but can't go flat
  • dead roots are easily removed prior to reusing the pot
  • The base does have space but partly touched the ground so you can use a saucer with these pots
  • Usually the cheapest of the 3 options
  • Prices and sizes are on this website here


Fabric Pots - Geopots - will air prune as well

  • Very light, easy to carry
  • lay flat when not in use
  • base will reach saucer
  • Base is not rigid - take care when moving plants around to not let the base sag and cause root movement
  • small fabric pots have a velcro seam to allow removal - larger ones do not.
  • Prices and sizes are on this website here

Which one is best?

Well they all have advantages. Maybe we can help you decide.
Please note other sizes of pots may be available on request - So let us know by email or phone 07 5527 4155 if you need other options.


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Air pruning for indoor plants

By: on 9 August 2020
Hi there, Can I use these plants indoor as well?

Hydrocentre Hydroponics Response
There is no reason why it wouldn't work indoors. Maybe consider a Saucer underneath to ensure overflow is controlled

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