Privacy policy


Privacy policy

Our policy is to maintain the highest level of privacy that is reasonably possible.

After over 20 years in Hydroponics we realise that your privacy is something you value, and we aim to do whatever is necessary to keep you dealing with us.

We scan our sites for vulnerabilities and keep all security up to date. If the site is down for any reason it might mean that our security has blocked access to some unknown computer requesting access to our system. Our intention is to lose the site rather than let someone gain access to it. This is important to you, so that makes it important to us.

We cannot guarantee what happens between your computer and ours, however we don’t collect data without your knowledge.

We retain only details given to us, and we do not distribute any of that information to anyone at all.

We use Australian based servers to avoid the hypocrisy of the “land of the free” and have selected backups to be in countries other than the USA – not that we have anything to fear…

Should you find any problem with any of our sites, we would appreciate any time you take to bring it to our attention so we can fix it.


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