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Subject: Using a Greenhouse

Hi I was in your shop last Saturday and you show me some of your Hydroponics kits and I like the Gravity fed system which I will get but start small first I was wandering can I put this in a greenhouse.


You can put any of our systems in a greenhouse. The main issue is whether it will be a nice environment or not...

We make shade frames that are easy to assemble out of aluminium box section.
A 1.5m x 1m x 2m high with shade cloth is $199* and the 3m x 2mx 2m high is $399*

We use 40% shade cloth (hard to find) as we want to get rid of pests, keep the airflow high, protect the plants from high infra red radiation on hot days, and from heavy winds and pelting rain.

We can also attach plastic roofing to the top and only shade cloth to the sides.
Shade cloth is good for keeping the pests off the crop.
Plastic roofing is good for protection from the heavy rain in summer but for the hottest months we still use some shade cloth either under or over the roofing to take the 'sting' out of the sun, probably from about November to February.

Our goal is to ventilate enough to keep the air as fresh as outside, but a few degrees cooler than outside.

We can also provide a misting system on a thermostat to give a spray on the plants if the temperature goes over a set temperature (perhaps 35 degrees)

I would like to encourage you to watch out for structures that say they are well ventilated but don't do well particularly if there is no breeze.

Our structures are inexpensive but do need to be attached to the ground by ground pegs or weights, or concreted in, or fastened to a fence or similar structure as winds of 100kph can lift most greenhouses.

Hope that helps.


* prices subject to change

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