Using Grow Research Drive with Hydroshield

Author: Scott  

What is Drive?

  • Drive consists of several groups of beneficial micro florae including fungi and bacteria.
  • It colonises the growing media and the root system to help the plant.
  • It protects and encourages root health, stimulating root development and transporting nutrients to the root system. It also reduces dead roots which reduces the possibility of disease. By using it once we can protect roots, and by using throughout the plants growing and flowering it will increase plant yields
  • It would be classed as Aerobic - or oxygen loving and low oxygen can cause it to stop growing in the root zone.


What is Hydroshield?

  • Hydroshield is made up of a very small sized silver particle with 5.75% Hydrogen Peroxide.
  • The two ingredients work well by themselves as a water sanitant
  • .. together their effect increases more than just adding the two individual components effects together.
  • Silver helps keep the H2O2 active and the oxidisation keeps the silver working where it works best.
  • It is used when anaerobic or non-oxygen loving micro organisms have colonised the root area and may be threatening plant health.
  • It will kill all single celled organisms it touches including the good aerobic ones leaving the root zone clean.
  • Hydroshield H2O2 will break down into H2O and O2 gas when it sanitises - and so using a low dose may not be enough and re-dosing every 2-3 days is best until the situation has been neutralised. Don't increase the dose as this can irritate the roots at high levels, just dose regularly until under control.

Using Drive and Hydroshield.

  • You cannot use them at the same time. They would both destroy each other.
  • If the system is clean use Drive at a regular or high dose to colonise the system. Re-dose if oxygen levels at the roots were reduced for a while. (e.g. flooding, over watering). Re-dose if you feel flushing may have compromised organisms colony levels.
  • If the system has nasties present like root rot or other issues - or if we are just not sure because the system has been running for a while - we would initially use Hydroshield at its normal strength. In infected systems a second dose at 2nd or 3rd day might be a good idea.
  • Add Drive about 3 days after the last dose of Hydroshield.

If plants have any symptoms I generally suggest calling us to discuss the symptoms and find a faster way to a good result.

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