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Q: I just read that you should soak the Rockwool cubes in a weak bloom solution and at 5.5 ph overnight to get them to the right ph.

I’m using Dutch master products so as u know they have APS which they also say to soak your Rockwool cubes in are these just two different methods or can u suggest a way to use both of them combined.
I think I’ve worked out how to use the ozoneated water the reason for using it is just too kill any bacteria and seal the cutting . when I take my cutting I’ll be holding it in the ozoneated water while I do the other cuts to the stem, this should get the desired affect. what do you think.


A: Soaking the cubes does correct the pH of Rockwool.

If 5.5 is used and too much moisture remains at that pH I am not as confident. Some guru’s might burn me at the stake for saying so. But I choose 6pH because I am never keen to put clones near pH below 6 as phosphorus is key to root development, and the phosphorus can be less available below 6pH.

APS like any soak, should be at their own preferred pH when mixed up. If using APS, use whatever they recommend.

Using Ozone in that way should help keep the cutting free of nasties. Very good.

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