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New LED grow bars under development August 2016

Hydrocentre has been developing grow bars in conjunction with some of the most advanced LED manufacturers in the world. While we currently believe that LED's are often much too expensive compared with traditional lighting, there are some uses for LED's where perhaps lower ventilation than usual is available. LED's are available in a range of lighting. We stock Grow bars for many uses.

  • For use in banks of Bars (see above) for distributing light more evenly that a single light unit
  • For use with vertical growing such as wall gardens
  • suppliementary lighting where there is some indirect sunlight
  • for wardrobe growing
  • For surrounding plants in grow tents with vertical strips (see picture)

Single 90cm bar

90cm bar arranged vertically


These lights don’t look bright until you are right beneath them – their lenses are very direct and thus need no reflectors.


Available in a 90cm bar of propriatary spectrum 3W LED's with 90 degree lenses $150 single less for multi LED buys 60cm bar of propriatary spectrum 3W LED's with 90 degree lenses $130 single less for multi LED buys


Super COB LED lighting

We currently stock 100W single COB style LED lighting. Pricing in August 2016

12w Par Bulb - 45$ 100w

Single - $200 uses 50W 400w

Quad (pictured - $550 uses 200W

600w six pack - $750 uses 300W

Please contact us for any more information.

Please return to this page to get updates - our online store may or may not have all these products as they may change from time to time. Call or email us for anything you need.

We also can sell you KIND LED lighting. We stopped MARS lighting after they admitted that their LED's failed Australian testing.

All of our COB lights comply with Australian requirements such as C tick where applicable so your insurance company will continue to cover you.

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