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I am constructing a grow chamber of 1x1x2.4m containing 1x600W HPS, 250/1000 centrifugal/carbon filter, panda etc…

I need to get a intake fan that will be appropriate for the rest of the set up – it will be mounted in an external wall with a screen to stop bugs and ducted a very short distance (say 30cm) into the base of the grow chamber. What would you recommend? PS- I know the exhaust/filter combo is ridiculously large for this area

Hi there

Well a small fan is going to over run, so you’d need at least a 250mm inline fan
$190 gets you a 250mm Red Spectrum Fan which will do about 1500 cubic meters per hour.

A lesser fan would be a blockage as it wouldn’t move fast enough.

Due to the airflow, you might get away with just an open vent, as this is probably better than a small fan getting in the way.

I guess the first thing to think is, will it be hot?

If it is hot, then use a fan, if not, try a bit of ducting as a vent and see how you go.

Hope that helped.

Feel free to call the shop to discuss it further.


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