Comparing sunlight, Fluro, LED, HPS and 400V HPS systems

Author: Scott   Date Posted:4 August 2017 

QUESTION: I live in a situation where i don’t have direct power, but have a 1500kv off-grid solar system. How much power will a small indoor hydro system require – I know there will all sorts of variables, a ball park figure is what I am after at the moment, until I can talk with you direct, preferably at your shop.

Ok that’s a big question so I’ll give you a ballpark and a basic overview
1. Sunlight – free – best option – cost and set up free.
2. Fluro – 80-160W good enough for a bit of growing – like herbs and leafy stuff – especially if some indirect light in the room. Hobby result, not professional 80W kit cost about $120 ea*

80W fluros from $120* subject to change

80W fluros from $120* subject to change

3. LED – probably better off with Fluro or HPS – let’s say 400-600W but not much better than Fluro. Mostly lacking in flower/fruit weight and slow development – cost $600+ might be the answer in a few years of development – only for people who like to play with technology. A bit of a toy at the moment. Although I have some more units in development at the moment showing promise so – be careful if considering LED’s – we can do better with less setup costs.
4. HPS – 250W about 60-70cm area, 400W about 1m area, 600W about 1.2 to 1.5m area cost from about $190 setup – Professional results – no need for additional light.

HPS growing tent

HPS lighting systems are by far the most popular method. Select high output Agricultural lighting from Hydrocentre

5. PRO HPS – 400W about 1.5m area, 600W about 1.8m area from about $530 400W giving results more like 600W magnetic/digital so much more efficient. Or use at full 660W to get close to 1000W results – or use less lights (than 600W magnetic/digital) to illuminate an area….

Lumatek 400V lamp spectrum

Comparison of 240V HPS to 400V HPS – call for advice.

Hope that helps – best to chat – call us anytime


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