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California Lightworks LED

California Lightworks LED

The Solar System LED grow lights from California lightworks are one of the few top end lights and share the type of results you would get with Kind LED and Black Dog for example.
Available in 

  • SS 1100 - replaces 1000W HPS - covers from 4ft x 4ft to a 5ft x 5ft area easily for flowering and up to 8ft x 8ft  for Vegetaive as long as you can place the unit high enough to spread - uses 788W
  • SS 550 - replaces 600W HPS - covers 3ft x 3ft to 4ftx4ft for flowering and up to 5ft x 5ft for vegetative - uses a maximum of 400W - uses 394W
  • SS 550 Veg - an extra blue vegetaive only model
  • SS 275 - replaces a 400W HPS - covers 3ft x 3ft area - uses 196W
  • SS 275 Veg - an extra blue vegetative only model
  • Controller - control the timing, colours, sunset and sunrise, white view mode, unlimied number of lights from one controller
  • Greenhouse controller - similar to the controller, but also detects sunlight and dims LED's when there is sufficient sunlight saving power and turns up the LEDs when they are needed for seasonal control, and faster crop production from higher light and longer days.

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The solar system will work with any crop and is highly adjustable with the controller - Videos below are American and supplied by the manufacturer. They are included for product information - first part about the product is good - please note we don't advocate the second "farming" section - obviously will work with other crops and that crop won't apply to Australians who may not have licencing for that crop.

275 model

550 model

1100 Model

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