Super NFT kits

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Now you can have your own system just like a farmer.

Systems come with tank, pump, timer, irrigation,

aluminium stand (except for one row kits).

Nutrients are not included and start at $20.

Optional extras are optional and listed below

Kits come unassembled. No special tools are required to build except a pair of scissors.

Full assembly available for $60

Delivery is available. A delivery fee will be charged at our freight carrier's rate.

Single row kits—250mm spacing.

Used along fences, balconies etc.

1 meter approx 4 plants no stand/frame $100

(frame add $30)

1. 5 meter approx 6 plants Price on Application

2 meter approx 8 plants POA

3 meter approx 12 plants POA

Twin row

1 meter 8 plants POA

1.5 meter 12 plants $225

2 meter 16 plants POA

3 meter 24 plants POA

Three Row

1 meter 12 plants POA

1.5 meter 18 plants POA

2 meter 24 plants POA

3 meter 36 plants POA

Four Row

1.5 meter 24 plants POA

2 meter 32 plants $330

3 meter 48 plants $440

Five row

2 meter 40 plants $435

3 meter 60 plants $495

6 meter 120 plants $850

“Add a Pot” recovery system

For use with plants such as fruit trees, and root crops. Will benefit long term herbs and large plants like tomato with a larger root zone.

The Add a pot kit is $18 which is a tray $10 and a pot $8.

Can be used with Expanded clay or Perlite or even Coconut coir.

Requires a timer—Digital timer for Perlite or Coco $25.

Mechanical timer for Expanded clay $10

Pump and irrigation

for 2-6 add a pot kits $60

for 6-12 add a pot kits $90

Expanded clay $37/bag to fill 2 pots

Perlite is $35/bag to fill 4 pots

Coco is $40/bag to fill 1.5 to 2 pots

Smaller pots can be used if desired.

Lettuce Row adapt a row kit

Hydroponic plants grow best at normal strength except for lettuce which taste bitter if you grow beyond half strength.

So we adapt a row with a small tank, pump and some extra irrigation fittings. $60

Basic Commercial benches

Prices when quoted include an estimate each bench, and require a tank and pump to suit the number of benches being situated.

6 meter 6 row

bench 144 plants POA

12 meter 6 row bench

288 plants POA

12 meter 2 row bench POT SYSTEM

Note 400mm spacing for bag/pot recovery system approx 60 plants  POA

Float valve

Basic float calve added to your tank for refilling your tank with Water automatically.

$40 + a water tank.

Nutrient strength tester

We recommend the Bluelab truncheon to allow you to read your nutrient strength; add nutrients when required, control the growth rates, and know when to dump your tank.

Without a tester you will need to dump and refill your tank every 7-14 days.

Bluelab truncheon $120 Waterproof, 5 year warranty.

Budget EC tester $50 not waterproof, 6 month warranty

pH tester

pH can be tested by using a liquid tester $12,

or by a proper pH tester $130.

Electronic pH testers are temperamental, and we warn people that a cheap one is worse than no meter at all.

Both of the above solutions will be fine.

Bluelab Combo meter $360, has pH and nutrient strength on the one tester.

Dosing systems

Having your nutrients adjusted automatically is an amazing thing. Use a float valve to top up with water. Then using a doser that measures your tank and adds nutrient or pH adjustment until perfect is incredible.

Autogrow EC doser $790. Autogrow pH Doser $690.

Bluelab Dosetronic.

EC and pH.

Currently the most favoured choice by farmers. $3950.

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